PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades

2014 30th Anniversary Season State Champion Named

Gwinnett County's Hull Middle School, coached by Teresa Hawkins, is the 2014 PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades State Champion!

Training Video Available

Created specifically for the PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades volunteers, this training video should teach you the ins and outs of what to do about the situations that can (and do) arise during a competition.  This video will also be helpful for new coaches, parents and students who want to hone their knowledge of the PAGE Academic Bowl rules.

This video is approximately 26 minutes in length.  Watch now!  You can also download the accompanying "Volunteer Manual" and follow along starting at the "Toss-ups" section.  Please pay special attention to the rule changes related to talking in the bonus section!

The PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades was originally conceived in 1983. In January 1985, the Academic Bowl became the first program supported by the PAGE Foundation, Inc. Approximately 750 middle school boys and girls participated in this challenging competition during its inaugural year, 1984-1985. This exciting project has continually grown. During the 2012-2013 school year more than 1,200 students from 59 public school systems and 26 independent schools participated. A total of 61 Georgia counties were represented. Competition in the program is open to both public and private middle school students in grades 6 - 8. The continuing success of the program is due in large measure to the fact that Governor Joe Frank Harris not only endorsed the program but participated in the first state final competition in 1985. Such leading figures as Zell Miller, Guy Sharp, Glenn Burns, Ray Moore and Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor have been involved with the program over the past three decades. This program contributes to our continuing efforts for recognizing and promoting academic excellence and good citizenship in the following ways:

  • Creates good work/study habits
  • Broadens individual horizons of factual information
  • Develops poise and confidence in students presenting themselves to the public
  • Develops teamwork and good citizenship qualities
  • Instills an appreciation for the pursuit of knowledge

Our current logo was unveiled for the 2004 20th Anniversary season. It was designed by Zachary Melroy, an Academic Bowl participant at DeKalb County's Henderson Middle School. Are you interested in being a PAGE Academic Bowl for Middle Grades Regional Coordinator? Please contact Michelle Crawford, the State Coordinator, for more information.

Academic Bowl

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